2018 Infiniti QX60 Base - quick thoughts needed

Msrp: 52860
Selling Price: 46300
MF: 0.00079
Down: 2000
Fees: 1383.75
Net Cap: 46215.98
Residual: 57
Term: 39
Milage: 10k
Tax rate: 8.25

Total Monhly w/tax: $511.77

Premium, Premium Plus and Driving Assist

Am I getting ripped off?

Yes you are. There’s no money on the car. Suggest you wait.

I knew it. I almost signed but walked out the door at the last minute.

Now getting more offers from nearby dealers. I already have a much better offer and he is finding more incentives because I work for a big company. The other one didn’t even mention this.

That’s VPP, if you told the other one that you worked for a large company, I’m sure the price would go down. There is also at least 1k left in there.

I already told him where I work and he didn’t mention. Sorry newbie here whats VPP?

Its infiniti’s fleet program. I can tell you if you qualify if you pm me where you work.

@nyclife Does VPP discount applied before or after MSRP discount? This dealer says its already included in the discount he offered on MSRP.

Oh and he says 2017 models are not leasable anymore even though dealer website says they are. Is that true?

Which dealer the first or the second, you can’t lease the 2017s anymore

It was the second dealer who said it. But doesn’t matter anymore, I went with 2018 model.

What final deal did you make?

Sorry just coming back to this forum. I got the 2018 qx60 for $475 a month with 1k down including first month.

Contact Nathan MacAlpine for guidance on an Infiniti lease. He will get you the deal you are looking for:


He’s on this guy again, lol.

He did a deal this weekend a lot cheaper.

Again using two accounts, jeez. Give us a break. Same person. Can someone ban this guy already? just a nuisance. If you feel so strongly about this guy tell him to come here and post deals for everyone to judge.


What was his deal? Better than the one nyclife posted?

That’s pathetic, posting under two accounts. Like really?

if he’s wearing a fake moustache I’ll let it slide :+1:

I’m only going to explain the account one more time. I tried to log in and it didn’t take my password so I tried logging in with google and it created a new account. Not trying to hide anthtnig BRO since my login name is pretty much the same as the other. I think you spend more time helping those on this forum than critizising would invite more users.