2018 Infiniti Q60 3.0t Luxe RWD - Norcal

Hello! I’m completely new to leasing. I’ve been contacting my local dealers and this is the most recent one I got. I feel like I could get a better deal. Any help is appreciated!

The dealer told me the MF is .00089 and the monthly payment already includes tax (9.25%)

I tried plugging into the calculator but couldn’t match their numbers Calculator

look at the October Q60 deals in the marketplace section to compare. Your numbers are WAY off, especially with your low doc fees in CA.

I’ll PM you. I work with several Infiniti dealers here in Califunny.

Can PM me as well? I am in the market for a Q60 also. I live in Arizona but already know I can get a better deal going to Cali or Texas so I am willing to do that. Ideally I want a Q60 400.