2018 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 RWD, Fully Loaded - $382/month, $0 down

Another smoking RS400 deal from Sewell in Dallas. After much back and forth, I threw this offer out and was shocked when they accepted. I think it has almost all available options, including the conventional tire package. They tell me it also has some dealer adds (ie tint). Picking it up tomorrow. Special thanks to @M5yates, @boxy, and @viperboy

2018 Infiniti Red Sport 400 RWD (Graphite Shadow)

MSRP: [$59375]
Selling Price: [$46000] (Post-VPP, 22.5% discount)
Rebates: [$1500 VPP]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [39]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [.00003]
Residual: [55%]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$722] (1st month + $340 reg fee)
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$382]

Zip Code: [78735]
Sales Tax Rate: [0%] (Tax Credits)
Leasehackr Score: 12.7


Another TX only deal? Are they running some kind of sales tax waiver?

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this notification. Holy **** that is a smoking deal. You got me real jealous.

Seems like West Houston held out on some tax credits, I was taxed at something like 2.25% on mine. Not sure how tax credits vary dealer to dealer.

This is an incredible deal though, looks like you got essentially the same car as mine, minus Majest White Paint ($500) and possibly paint matched CF factory spoiler?

Makes my 439 at 39/12k look like crap. Nice work man! Super happy for you, you’re gonna love the car!

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Sick Sick deal…congrats!!

Yes, tax credits on Q50’s through end March. Finally puts TX on equal footing with other markets!

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Great deal!!! And Dallas again…

Picked up the RS400 this morning and really happy with the experience at Sewell in Dallas. Easily the best dealer experience I’ve ever had. Highly recommend them to anyone within range of Dallas. The car is a beast - so much fun to drive!

@wildebeest Thanks for sharing. I’m attempting to replicate your deal, but I was unable to make it into Sewell Infiniti today. Is it possible to get the contact info for who helped you out?

What a deal! Is it through Allison also? I might take a trip to Texas if im going to be saving $150 a month from NC dealer quotes!

Yes, it was the Allison/Adrian combo.

Sounds great! I might just have to pay off my Lexus lease to get into this. Hellcat is quite interesting choice for me also. I can’t do anything till April/May :frowning:

Just called them and said they can only do leases in TX, OK, and LA.

My best friend lives in Houston so I will open a local bank account for address purposes

Awesome deal. Could you PM me their contact? In Houston but can make trip to DFW.

Amazing deal. Purchased several cars from Sewell, but never lease b/c of Texas taxes on leases. Would love to know if this deal is still valid. Need a second car!


Can someone from Texas explain how these tax credits work and where do they come from?

From what I understood a salesmen told me that it depends on the models and the tax credit bank that is built up from previous lease that are returned to Infiniti or BMW…etc. Since returning lease is like a trade-in. Once they build up enough of a bank, they are offered as tax credit back to new leases or purchases. So that’s why it comes and goes for different models during different times of the year.

Not sure if this is accurate, but I’ve read the dealers can offer these due to tax “credits” accrued when lease vehicles are returned. You’ll find most mfg’s offer the credits on certain models only, and often only during certain parts of the year. You really just need to ask about it.

So frustrating. I can’t get dealers here in Orlando to go more than $8500 off MSRP. Even though I don;t qualify for VPP I still assumed I’d get close to 10k off at least. If It wouldn’t kill like 1100 of my precious 10k miles per year I’d fly my ass to Texas and drive it home over a weekend just to not have to buy from these dealers near me.