2018 Infiniti Q50 AWD 400 Red Sport fully loaded (proactive, sensory, proassist pkgs)

Just testing the water. Lease is a 39mo/ 39kmi. 39,488 is what I’m supposed to turn it in at. Began in August, currently at 10,500 miles just had oil change done. Willing to work the overage miles out with buyer… Payment is 669/mo. Living in MD.

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unless MD has somehow way worse offers - i don’t think you’ll be able to get much traction here. I’m in the midwest and i can get a Redsport for $429 + 2500 DAS (with VPP)

You cannot fully transfer Infiniti leases - your name will remain on the lease and you (and your credit) will stay liable for any missed payments, damage to the vehicle, failure to insure, failure to return the car, etc.

Well I didn’t have VPP ($1500 let’s call it - about 45/mo payment), and in MD Tax is on sale price not payment, so about 3k in taxes (90/mo) at 30 per $1000 leased. Also throw in the fact it’s got the proactive pkg and a few other things and the one you’re talking about doesn’t sound like it does… MSRP was 62k on this one, not what I paid but just making sure we’re comparing apples to apples and not a base to a loaded. None the less if Nissan isn’t taking my name off the lease for 3 years and I have to worry about what someone else is doing, I won’t be doing it anyway. That’s ridiculous, they could rack up miles and hurt my pockets pretty bad.

Yeah the risk isn’t worth it…might check vroom/carvana? probably would be underwater though, so unless absolutely necessary might want to just keep the vehicle.