2018 infiniti q50 awd 3.0 luxe deal $480.20

Hello guys im currently working on getting a leade price in nj.
So far the best price i was able to get was 480.20 a month term 39/18k
Selling price 39694 mf .00007 rv 52% please see bellow the quote with the breakdown from the dealer/broker. Please let me know if this is a good deal or not. Thanks for the help.

Bad deal, you should be in the high 300 if not lower

Thanks for the info. Do you have any recommendations as to what i can tell the dealership?

Tell them “NO!”

Seriously, what’s the selling price, MF, and what is included in the ‘fees and insurance’? Not a lot of info here. Also, 18k/yr is going to make that payment hurt. Finally, 39 month term likely isn’t the most advantageous.

It actually is. (20 characters)

I understand generally 36 and 39 month leases with Infiniti have the same RV, but 24 might also be viable. Having previously leased an Infiniti, a solid discount and some incentives, although not likely on a 2018 right now, could be a recipe for a solid short-term deal. I didn’t locate 24 month numbers with a quick search. Full year terms also mean you are paying registration for a full year and only using a portion.

Imagine if someone could get a 2018 Q50 group buy going for December.

I agree, Is this possible?

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Ok so i just got another quote for 430 a month no money down just the first payment due at signing. Is that a good deal? I dont have the breakdown.

Different dealer?


Yes different dealer

Are you in a rush to buy? I’d wait till December and get this in the 300’s. There’s still plenty 2017 models available on dealer lots, they aren’t exactly desperate to move the 18s yet.

Yeah i think im going to wait. I got another quote from another dealer but i think is not a good deal still here is what they were offering.
2018 q50 3.0 luxe awd $430.00 a month 39/18k
MSRP 49664
Essential package
ProASSIST package
Sensory package
Infiniti radiant illuminated kick plates
Maintenance package included
$900 due at signing.

I’m waiting until December myself.

what dealers have you gotten these from? i’m in nj just curious. thanks

First quote was from a broker bestbuy auto leasing. If you are interested in getting the secound deal send me a message and i will give you the dealer name.

Seems like a good deal to me considering its 18000 miles.

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Second quote is not bad for a 2018 & 18k miles

I was offered 2018 q50 LUXE. 3.0t for 2k down, $287 month by a broker in SOCAL; I really want a Alfa Romeo, but I might bite on this since I’m tired of renting from hertz !

What’s the msrp? And sale price?

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