2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0T luxe - Rate my offer

Hello Hackrs,

I received a seemingly excellent offer from the Infiniti dealer today on a 2018 3.0T Luxe with the essential package.

Region: Socal
39/12 lease
MSRP: $43,700
Sale price with VPP: $33,000
Monthly: $325(incl. tax)
DAS: $325 (first month’s payment)

What are your guys’ thoughts? Seems like a great deal that is right around or even better than some of the Q50 deals that others have posted here. Should I ask for a lower price or should I take the deal and run?

Thanks in advance!

How much due at lease signing?

sorry forgot to include, only first month’s payment due at signing

How about we chat and we get you a bit better deal. I’ll PM you shortly.