2018 i3 BEV lease deal



That’s the crux of it. As a general rule, don’t put money down on a lease. However, each deal is different, and each buyer has different goals. He wanted a low payment, so used the rebates to cover. He saves on some interest too.

It’s odd, but it feels more like semantics at this point. If this was a manufacture rebate, we would not even be having the conversation, and yet it means the same exact thing.

Another thing to consider on deals like this is a One-Pay, if you can spare the cash up front, it is a cheaper and safer bet.


I am new to he leasing world. Can you please tell me where you got this deal?


Does extending your lease give you more miles ?


It’s proportional to the number of miles you contract with at the beginning for the extended amount.


So if i have 15k they will add another 1250 a month per extended month ?


Yes they keep the payment and the mileage term the same.


so the smart thing is to pay everything up front and make your payments like 40$ a month and at the end, extend it for more miles right?


provided you dont get into a car accident the first 1-2 years right?


If you get a reduced MF doing a one-pay lease makes sense.

If you’re not doing a one-pay lease then no having a low payment is a terrible idea because it puts all the risk on you without any benefits.


Yea but then you can extend it by 6 months for say… 30$ a month if u made ur payments 30 a month right ?


You do know that if the car is stolen or totaled within 30 months, CARB will want their rebate money back. You need to be the registered owner for 30 months to keep that rebate. So say bye to the down payment and bye to the cvrp rebate if the car is gone before the 30 months.



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Vehicle ownership provision says differently. There is specific guidelines about car with defect or other unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. It’s logical and sensible.


PM me. I’ll share more info with you.


I posted on a different thread asking about your deal but see it here. Please disregard that thread post. Thanks!


Great job on this deal!!


Thanks. I was able to help two other friends to get similar deals. So far everyone is pretty happy. The icing on the cake is that I’ve been using free DC fast charging. So far it feels like the gas money I’m saving is paying the lease payment. :slight_smile:


bmw riverside


Would you be able to share the dealership/ sales info?
I’m also in SOCAL area and looking for a deal.



what was your monthly with 0 down?