2018 i3 -299$ a month 1850$ signing 24/10k

helping fellow friends here. There is a deal I negotiated in dallas for an i3. I got another one. I will list details soon. This is a deal available today if you need, ping me i ll connect you with the sales person. I feel bad after negotiating so much, I didn’t buy there.

**2018,i3, range extender **

MSRP: 50495
Selling Price: $44600
Monthly Payment: 299$
Down Payment: 1850$
MSD: 0
Incentives:10000(loyalty and corp g)

**Months: 24 **
**Annual Mileage: 10k **
MF: 0.00156
**Residual:.63 **

Zip Code:75035

If anyone needs this act fast by today i ll connect you with the sales rep. Reach out to me.


Kindly check alfa giulia and buick encore deals in dallas area and you will see those are better value for money.

Could you give more details on the incentives used? I know the loyalty is $2k, but the “corp g” I’m not aware of. I know the Corporate incentive is $10k discount on purchase only and $500 on leases. Is there another one or did they change up the incentive to $8k for leases?

Corg G or Corporate rebate on a lease is 500 $ and they reduce it in the selling price typically.

I missed the $7500 iCredit in that figure. For a moment I thought it was the $7500 iCredit + $10k in other incentives. So you got $10k from $7500 iCredit + $2000 loyalty + $500 Corp.

Correct and a 5.5K off msrp.