2018 Hyundai Sonata Limited Ultimate 2.0 Lease

MSRP: 33685
Selling Price: 31784
Incentives(Uber/Bonus/Loyalty/BoostUp): 4750
Tax rate:7.0%
Location: Iowa
Monthly incl tax $339/m
OTD: $500 for BoostUp Match

Thoughts on this? They are pulling two of the remaining payments of my existing Hyundai lease in. One in the cap cost and one they are “taking” care of. Is there much more room. This is about the best deal I have gotten so far. After contacting about 5 dealers…

For that price there should be some better options out there, unless you are set on the Sonata. You’re barely at 1%.

I struggle on finding better options at that price point. The car has cooled seats, all the safety tech and a turbo. Plus in the middle of nowhere Midwest you don’t have 5 BMW dealers that are in a 30 minute drive. What are other cars that you can lease for the low 300s that have all the options of the fully loaded Sonata?

Look at dealers in Denver, Chicago, Kansas City, Saint Louis, etc and having it shipped/take a roadtrip to get it. It might be cheaper.

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There are a few C300 loaners at Plaza Mercedes in St Louis that I was watching and they might be ready to move. One had the P3 package which I think would have it chalk full of tech.

Hell, not a sedan but you could probably get a Terrain Denali fully loaded with the T2.0 for that price.

I believe the Infiniti Q50’s have nice numbers and can be had at $299/mo w/ $0 down.

Did you end up finding a better deal?