2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport FWD 2.0t Ultimate - can this be hacked?

MSRP: 37,340
Sales price: 30,000
MF: .00142 (APR 3.41%)
RV: 51%
36/10 lease: $421/mo. $0 down

Far from the 1% rule :frowning:

Any way to make it better? Or this is pretty much it because of the high MF and poor RV?

All incentives included in the sales price though it may be slightly worse if the lease cash back is taxable in California.

Also, not sure how the incentives work and which apply. In this case, autobytel lists:
$3,750 Stand Alone Cash (Retail Bonus Cash)
$2,750 (36mo) or $3,250 (48mo) Bonus Cash (Lease Cash)
Can they both be stacked together in which case the discount off MSRP above is not great?

Perhaps better to buy it with 0% APR for 5 yrs offer and then sell at some point? There seems to be another $1000 bonus cash with this offer, but not sure how it factors in. This is all designed to be as confusing as possible so you can leave money on the table :frowning:

Not enough of a discount is possible to make up for the high MF and low residual. Buying it is an awful idea because Hyundais have atrocious resale value. Maybe try a 24 month lease?

Is their RV 51% realistic or still inflated? The car comes with 5yr 60K warranty so I was thinking maybe hang on to it for 4 yrs but hard to tell what it will be worth in 4 yrs.

I would say it’s realistic or maybe even a bit inflated. Look at what 3 year old ones are going for, but remember that a redesign is coming soon which will cause the resale value of a 2018 to be lower

Say I’d be able to squeeze another $1K from the 0% APR offer and $1K if I sign up to be a Uber driver. Still wouldn’t be worth buying and keeping for 3-4 years?

Edit: Edmunds claims value for a 3 yr old is $16-20K private party, depending on condition, dealer $13-18K, is it reasonable to assume $15K, which would be 50% off the purchase price?

3 different scenarios that don’t stack

  1. 3750 RBC + std financing (3.99%) (or your own financing)

  2. 1000 low apr bonus cash + 0% financing

  3. 2750 lease cash + high MF + low RV (making this a mediocre lease deal)

uber, military, college grad DO stack with all 3 above

lol you went from an Alfa to Hyundai…

Dealer quoted me the $30K purchase price, I asked for all cash, no financing needed. I wanted to get their best price without any of these offers to see kinda where they’d be willing to deal relative to MSRP. No idea what of the above 3 offers they may have factored in or if they’d be willing to apply offer #2 to this price (and then I can do the Uber thing myself).

Looking … no harm :slight_smile: I’m not a brand snob, if I like the way the car drives and the deal, don’t care much about the badge. I’m excited about a new car for about a month, then life takes over and don’t have time to think about the car anymore. But I don’t want a horrible car either that reminds me of it every time I get in, one for example with very soft steering that I’d notice non-stop.

$37k for Sante Fe and it’s only FWD, no thanks

That’s the MSRP which doesn’t really matter, they can ask whatever they want. We’re at $30K purchase price for the fully loaded trim.

Oh I know it’s the msrp, it’s still a Hyundai

I can de-badge it :slight_smile:

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most likely the 30k price applies to option #1 (my list); that’s 7340 off msrp of which 3750 is RBC from HMF (and may be taxable)

do you have private financing that is less than 3.99% for 60 months? rates are up but i think a credit union can beat that rate.

i doubt you can get that 30k price on a lease (but it depends on the market)

Even at 30K the lease is bad, looks like I should just forget this month about Hyundai, they just don’t have the offers to lease well.

I clearly asked for all cash down offer, no financing, but working with the dealers … they can send you back whatever they want and ignore what you asked for.


notice that there are not many full-size suv’s on this list…

Looking for a smaller SUV, not full size. Something like the CX5, Santa Fe Sport, X1/X2, …
I drove the CX5 which seems to have some good deals but felt it was underpowered, it doesn’t have the turbo engine option yet (maybe next year).

Tiguan 20202020202020

Don’t like the Tiguan :frowning: No offense to any fans.

So you must not like the Terrain or Equinox too