2018 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Incentives

Trying to figure out where we might find the better lease deal for this car in regards to incentives.

We currently live in NJ but relocating to Southern California in 2 months. I know inventory is drying up on these so we want to act in the next 2 weeks. My company is paying to transport up to two vehicles. We would be looking at 2 cars.

Anyone familiar with the New Jersey and California Hybrid incentives? From what I can tell they appear to be similar. I’m I wrong?

Also, is it true it’s slightly more money to insure a hybrid?


Mikey, build your car on Hyundai website, put in the zip and calculate the payment. Do it again with the other zip. If you need the car in the next two months you should get it. If not you should wait. Unless you can get a great deal now, but hybrids aren’t leasing well. Horrible residual.

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Thanks @drtodd!!
The Lexus will be picked up in the next week or so so we will need at least one car now to replace Lexus. Still debating which one we want. We’re now really considering at least one hybrid just because of fuel efficiency. The 2nd car we can wait until we’re in California to lease it because that’s where we will really need two cars. I’ll check out the websites and check the numbers. Thanks again!!

You’d honestly probably be better off picking finding and getting a better deal in socal. Not sure what the pricing is like, but have you looked at the new Insight? I liked it way more than the Ioniq.

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Pricing so far has seemed better in NJ but that could be because the taxes are paid up front. We are still researching that part. Will take another look at the insight as well. Thanks!

Also, if you’re taking the car to California anyway, it’ll be way easier to deal with the DMV if you buy in state.

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