2018 Honda CR-V EXL deal signed



2018 CRV prices have dropped a lot over lst month or so. I negotiated back in October last year and cheapest deal was around $80 more per month than what I got now. Seems like nows the time to get in on crv if you’re interested as long as you can find dealer with inventory. My dealer had just 4 left (all exl) and there were 2 other parties trying to buy the car I wanted due to color options. Anyways, let me know how I did

MSRP: $31945
Selling Price: $28600
Monthly Payment: $269
Cash Due at Signing: ~$2.2K for taxes, fees, 1st month

Annual Mileage:10K
Residual:60%(? from edmunds)

Leasehackr Score:9.3


Mind sharing which dealer? That’s a great deal you got.


Yea, who’s the dealer? that’s an awesome deal.


Yes which dealer.


Also curious to know what dealer…