2018 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD 36/12k lease in MD

Have one quote below:

MSRP $31,945.00
Sale $29,645.00
Incentive $1,200.00 (lease cash)
MF 0.00016
RV 59% $18,847.55
Gross Cap Cost $29,555.66
Dealer Doc Fee $188.66
MD Tags $327.00
MD Taxes $1,718.02
36 Month/12,000 Miles Per Year MD Lease
DAS $353.15 (1st month payment)
Monthly $353.15

The other dealer say they can go slightly under $350. Please let me know what do you think. Any more room for negotiation?

FYI, I have (1) month payment left of $347 for my current lease Pathfinder. And the deposition fee is $395.

id push for a little more dealer discount off MSRP If you can. Problem is 2018 inventory is low and dealers know it.

Trying to squeeze some more at the moment. Will come back and update. Thanks for your comment.

Considering the number of Honda dealers in MD and NoVA, this discount is laughable. Cast a very wide net.

Already tried to contact many dealers, the inventory for 2018 EX-L is low at the moment. And most of the quotes around $379 to $400. This seems to be similar to other deals I saw on the forum but MD sales tax bump it up at least $30+ per month. Thanks for your comment and I will keep working on it.

Made the deal today. Monthly payment is $335.xx all in with $0 down except 1st monthly DAS. Thanks for this awesome forum!

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Can you message me the dealer that you leased from? I’m looking for a similar deal.


I would go to Fitzautomall in MD if I lived by there

Just made a deal today with pohanka honda you should try them if still in the market.

Can you send me the details of the deal and with whom you worked?

I was getting exl-awd 12k/36 months for 315 all included with only first month payment. Just changed it last minute to 15000 miles to have more peace of mind and so got 15k/36 months for 333. Jerone Tyler at pohanka honda, still had a few left you can give my reference (Fahad). I believe you can make it to 300 if you push a little more, I was just exhausted and had a bad experience one day prior so I just wanted to be done with it. Best of luck

hard to find 2018 EX-L inventory, if this guy has any left and anyone is in the market, prob move on it soon, the 2019 lease very poorly compared to the 2018.

Agreed. There are only a few places left with these in MD

I know someone who leased the crv ex awd for $380, that’s with everything including out of pocket. Ughhh.