2018 Honda Clarity Touring, $279.05/m, 36/12. One unit left

I got this deal. Everytning rolled in. NY state residents only. Dealer has one more unit, he will replicate the deal. modern steel color, black interior. Ready to pick up by end of this month.
Anybody interested?
Pleaee PM me.

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Last chance. Great deal. Not kidding

The numbers would change in January?

Doubt they can get better. The incentives should remain.

Hmm . I’ll be signing the contract next week.

Another one? How many are you getting?

Lol. I already helped like 7 people including 4 family members and friends.

Hehe. You’re starting a Clarity club man.

Lol. Yea. Need to think about that.:sunglasses:

Hi Jassiek - I am interested in this deal. Can you PM me?


Are you ready to lease or still shopping?

@jassiek — are there anymore incentives we can put into this deal to make it better? I’m in NY and I noticed that Con Ed has a rebate for this car as well. How about VPP or Loyalty or Own/Lease from other brand.


Not really. You can try other dealers like paragon in NYC or huntington on Long island. Some of them even will tell You that those rabates do not exist. Not easy to get good deal.

Con Ed rebate - First time i hear about that. Where did find it?

Don’t waste too much time with Paragon. They play games, wear you down, and in the end give you at best the standard Honda website offer. No dealer discount.
Similar with Huntington, although they might do better over the phone.
Do not walk into these 2 dealerships. Only email/phone.
Paragon will make you fill out an online application. Just quit at that point if you did not get an offer

I agree. Do not waste your time, let me know when You ready to sign the lease.

@ leo38cheng - where can I find ConEd rebate for NYS?

Can’t see any. Occasionally they have rebates, I think he just assumes there is a rebate.

I’m interested. Can you please pm me?

According to the dealer the delivery of Clarities has been delayed and probably will happen only after January 2nd and this is a problem for entire East Coast. In this case the above numbers will not be valid anymore. I will update it end of this week.