2018 Honda Clarity Plugin Hybrid - Base

Yeah, I’m approved and have 8 days left to act - you only have a month or so.

But it’s hit or miss… on a new car with lease deals, it seems the standard CVRP route is just as good.

Currently weighing the difference, and the CVAP also sports you a free supercharger at home so there’s that too.

But the ability to buy used is the unique part of it and as you get the prices down, say a gen2 volt for 16k, [11k] you are talking a big chunk off. In looking at the Honda Clarity / higher priced vehicles its more of a wash and it’s not a huge a discount.

Tell you what… buying used gets you both credits! The CVRP indirectly (by lower buy price which discounts the credits) and the other directly. I would go used in this situation and look at the Volt for phev or eGolf for bev.

Can you elaborate more on indirectly? The CVAP can’t be stacked with CVRP, but maybe you mean the used car for sale is ‘competing’ with all the other new cars out there getting the CVRP, thus still indirectly benefiting from the CVRP?

The very deal you mentioned…the 1 year old Clarity at $25k…is priced that low because someone took $7500 fed and $1500 credit on it. The depreciation discounts these credits. No way a Honda would lose almost a third of its value in one year in normal market conditions.

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Roger that makes sense!

Agree because my residual or buy after lease is $14k. An Accord is higher. Also if u add my 36 payments -$14k and I buy at end of lease it’s a bit over $28 total. The MSRP was $37,6xx. So it make sense with rebates and discounts.
I’m hoping in three years the clarity increases in popularity where I can make money if I sell it.

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Looking for lease of Clarity Hybrid in So Cal - do you have a list for 325/mo with 1k down?

Thousand oaks Honda has some

1299 down
325/mo for LA county/Ventura county registration

or 0 down

Call and ask for Fabian Ochoa /Fleet Manager (Only he can do these deals)

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is it 0 DAS / 340 + tax ?

Yes it did include tax but this was on 01/04/2019…hearing 340+tax and 999 down lately.
See what you can negotiate…ballpark prices are what i quoted.

but u just posted this 2 hours ago and you just mentioned it was for 1/4/19 ?

I am not a dealer…i am a user on this site and posted what i got as a deal from TO Honda.
You’ll have to work with them to get same/better deal.
Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary! all depends on what you can negotiate.

Please let us know the city or dealer name?