2018 Honda Clarity Plugin Hybrid - Base

Here is quote I got for 2018 Honda Clarity Plugin Hybrid - Touring. Any feedback?

2018 Honda Clarity Touring
Years: 3

Miles/Year: 12,000

RV: 42%
MF: 0.00047


Your Monthly Payment = $274

  • Sales tax at 7% RI INCLUDED
  • $595 Honda Acquisition Fee INCLUDED
  • $170 new MA Plates/Registration INCLUDED
  • $479 Documentation Fee INCLUDED
  • Your First Month’s Payment INCLUDED
  • $0 SilkoCare Plus - Included for FREE !

Most important info missing, msrp and selling price. That RV is also not for touring.

Its not too bad – maybe a little more room to move

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Sorry my first time here. Here is what I got for a base model. I edited the title too.

MSRP 34295
Sale price : 29088

This is what I got when I asked them for option to buy a base. They won’t tell the sale price for lease. I am guessing it’s the same and i haven’t negotiated that yet.

I will confirm the MSRP and Sale price for touring and update the post accordingly.

You are getting 6% discount before rebate. Negotiate between 8-10% discount. Every 1% disc over 6% lowers your monthly by $10. Monthly should be $234-254. Ymmv.

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Here is another quote I got (from a different dealer).
2018 Honda clarity plugin - Base
MSRP: $34,235
Sale price: $21,275
$252.95 per month
First month payment($252.95) DAS

I will try to negotiate further to get close to the lower price in your suggested range.

See my post on a $7800 one pay clarity or you can do it for under $200/month in MA. Your deal will buy you a Benz. It’s a Honda. Too much money. Squeeze their cajones or I’ll walk u thru deal w/local sales guy in MA for a much better price w/no negotiations (because I already squeezed their cajones)


When is Hondas fiscal yr end? You might even be able to get to 7500 onepay. Just fyi i got mine in mid september and im selling it to carvana for a great price after putting 3500 miles on it. Lol. A good deal in the northeast for sure.

Which state is this in? Any new developments in negotiating? I’m trying to negotiate one in south CA and right now the lowest offer is $23,925 before taxes

Must be the Northeast where those states get an extra $3,000 off.

Yes northeast. I am in RI but dealer is in MA.

I am interested.

I am in Southern California. I would like to lease a 2018 Honda clarity plugin-Base. Can you give me the best quote? How can I proceed with the lease if I agree with your quote? (I am new in this forum. Please help and show me how. Thanks!)

What you are asking is what you say to a dealer.

Do a search on this forum.

This is not a dealer forum - it’s a peer forum - you learn from others.

In So Cal, I found dealers that will do $325/month leases on a base w/ $1K DAS.

PM me if you want this list.

Yes, please share me this list.

PM sent to all the requested.

Please share when you close your deal.

Not really on lease topic… but I have a 2018 clarity base model for 24.5k used with 10k mileage. I qualify for california 5k grant bringing the cost to 19.5k to buy outright - with the current lease deals for 3 years /12kmi looking like 11-14k out of pocket, does this deal look good alternative in the long term? Seems I am paying 6-8k more but own until it meets the graveyard.

What do you mean used and you qualify for CA credit? The CVRP is only for new cars. And the max is $4500 for low income.

CVAP > A little different than CVRP. A little known program. Surprised I haven’t seen more of it here.

5k grant for plugin hybrid.


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OMG…you’re right, i read about this program some time ago but completely forgotten about it since it’s strictly for low income residents.
But I thought it was only for phev and bev…I’m shocked to see regular stupid hybrids on the list.
Important to remember…
“Participants cannot receive a grant if they purchase a vehicle before their application is approved.”
I wonder if with this program you can actually get a 3 year old 500e for $2k…lol…that would be crazy!