2018 Honda Civic LX Calculations Help

They really don’t want to budge from the $283 a month maybe they will change their minds closer to the 31st.

Any areas I should definitely be able to negotiate?

You have the top tier money factor. So now, focus on getting that selling price down. Make sure you’re deducting all the manufacturer to dealer incentives from the MSRP. Visit edmunds.com to see incentives as well as what others are paying. Also, check customer lease cash availability. There may be loyalty cash if you have a current Honda lease.

No loyalty, no military. Edmund guys told me 1200 lease cash. But the dealer is not acknowledging it or trying to say they put it in the “Savings” because MSRP is $20,635 and selling price with rebate is $18,985. Rebate should obviously be applied after the negotiated selling price.

Look at the top of the OP’s picture. They are disclosed.

I suspect the license fees and doc fees became taxable when they got capitalized. If you pay them in the drive off along with the 1st payment, I bet you won’t pay the tax.

Likely the $1,200 lease cash is built into the discount.

Looks like a crummy lease, but HI dealers tend to not deal much, as where can you go!

If you are looking for a deal, Subaru impreza $199/mo. $1k DAS

Exactly not much competition

Literally just started looking at it. I like the Impreza, trying to find incentives and mf, rv on it.

So far cheapest msrp avail is 24,375 for the Impreza 2.0i Premium 5-door

Thanks! Don’t know how I could have missed that. I’ll blame it on sleep deprivation lol.

With a separate deal, do you think it is odd that edmunds is saying:
0.10% APR
44% residual
$1025 lease cash

And dealer is saying same apr (.1/2400 = .00004167 not converting it correctly right?), but different RV 46% and $5025 in rebates.

18 Fusion Hybrid SE - $28,705 (they had an ad $209 with 1k down but was obv trying to pay $0 down - but their offer sheet is off. Even if they reduce 1K from cap cost and I pay all fees upfront. Payment is around $240.

It’s very odd that edmunds is quoting an APR instead of the MF. I’ve never seen them do that. The MF is always disclosed to 5 decimal places. I’m betting the MF = 0.00004. Also, multiplying the MF by 2400 only gives an estimate of the APR… it’s not exact.
Lots of other stuff missing whuich is why I usually ignore quotes from dealers.
I collect data including MSRP, all publicly disclosed incentives (dealer and customer), base MF, residual factor, acquisition fee, dealer doc fee, estimate of DMV fees, sales tax rate and, then, I construct a lease proposal once I’ve formulated a selling price. Don’t get bogged down with dealer quotes. I use them only for purposes of collecting data which I then verify via edmunds, leasehackr, and some times other dealers.

I’ve heard that some manufacturers quote in %. Surprised that you didn’t know that.

I did know that. The only time a fund provider quotes a % would be if they used an interest rate instead of a money factor. Yes, there are (were) interest rate leases as well as MF leases. I know of no finance finance captive or bank that actually uses an MF but discloses it as an interest rate. Why would they do that? For one thing it’s inaccurate. Converting an MF by multiplying by 2400 only gives an estimate of the interest rate.
There were some fund providers that used an interest rate instead of a money factor. GMAC did that years ago but did switch to a money factor. Ditto for Fifth Third Bank.

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I was going to propose a deal but the numbers in LH Calc show higher monthly payment even with the 1k down.

I did the MF conversion and it seems like both our numbers are the same .00004. Their ad is $1k down and 209/month, so I asked them if they can send me the deal sheet. Because with the numbers supplied it shows a $238/month + $2,230 due at signing.

yikes, that’s a lot for a civic.

horrible numbers man all over the place

Should be at least under 250, just 1st month due. including tax/fees etc.

Ford Motor Credit and Ally present lease rates in % instead of traditional MF.

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Yeah they are not budging. So am looking at different options that can work in the $250 range. But these guys come back with crazy numbers!

I meant they can go under 250, for 10k. It’s not impossible. I did one the other day at 230 w/ first month upfront 36/10. 7.375 tax

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