2018 Honda Civic EX lease deal

I am on the verge of acquiring a new 2018 Honda Civic EX on a 36month/36k lease.

Here are the numbers for the lease:
Selling price: $19,400
Sales Tax: $1250
Residual Value: $12,500 (price I need to pay to buy the car after the lease duration)
Fees+Downpayment before I can have delivery of the car: $1,600 (Includes: dealer fees, title fees, first month’s payment, any other fee)
Monthly Payment: $255 (This includes a 3-year Maintenance package. If I drop that then the price come to $240/month)

I know “Hondas don’t lease well” but I still wanted to lease and not buy right now.
I eventually plan on buying the car after the lease duration if that helps. My insurance comes to less than $150/month on the lease.

What do you all think ? Is it a decent deal ?

A Civic EX without sensing goes for about 230-235/Mo with just first month due and inclusive if 8.25% tax.

Drop that maint package and don’t put anything down except your first month and I’d say it’s a fine deal!

You should get the 2018 before the 2019 comes out. Honda hiked up the prices for the 2019

$540 is a lot to pay for a couple oil changes. Definitely skip that if you are so set on the Civic

The fact that these sentences come right after one another is perplexing. If the MF is low (do you know what the MF is?), then consider leasing to buy. If not, just buy

Ok I’ll drop the maintenance package and get my deal to $240 a month. They were pretty resolute and were not willing to drop below that number at all.
Also, I’m in Florida (dealer feer ~$800), so the $1600 fees+downpayment at the time of pickup is also not negotiable according to them.

So at the end of 36 months, if I bought the car, I would have spent in all: (240x35)+1600+12,500 = $22,500

I know it’s by no means the best deal out there, but I want to know if it’s not the worse. Thanks

Reach out to dealers in Atlanta. It might be worth a cheap one way flight to pay a lower doc fee

I would have bought the car right now, however, my work situation in a bit uncertain at the moment and I may have to relocate. This is a small possibility though and so I decided to lease first and buy later.

If think that you might have to relocate overseas, a lease makes less sense than financing - in my experience it’s quite a bit easier/faster/cheaper to get rid of a financed car vs a leased car, unless you have a super low lease payment that will be easy to transfer. This is just a normal lease payment practically anyone can walk into a Honda dealer and get.

If you are just relocating domestically, I don’t understand why it makes a difference.

HFS doesn’t allow lease transfers, so that’s make it harder to get out of.

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You would have to pay tax on the residual amount too if you do the buyout.

What is the MF for the lease? If it’s higher than .00125, it’s probably better to just finance it now instead of leasing so you avoid the acquisition fee and higher interest rates.

For sure…this part sounds like a total rip off

How much is the msrp of the 2019 Civic ex?

Look on Google. It depends on trim

Should be around 245 0 down 0 drive off

Thanks, it appears the 2019 ex will be $24,500. They added in those safety features that were optional in the 2018’s as standard in the 2019’s.