2018 Honda accord


Are there any Honda dealers on here that can give me a deal? Haven’t really seen any posts from any CAs on here. Also I live in California

Last I heard the deals on Accord lease weren’t that great.

Ya I know, they are terrible. Can’t believe they are charging that high of a money factor. I’m in between accord and Camry just whichever has a better deal. Kind of wanted car play but not a deal breaker.

Camry lease is far better. Let me know if you need help on Camry.

One Day Toyota will have Carplay…2019 Avalon will be the first.

I read that but also read most likely will not be retrofitted to previous years. I’m interested in Camry if you have a good deal

How is the Corolla XSE? Do they lease well (for 24 months)?

They do well. Send me a PM and Ill forward you the details.

any better number than you sent me at the beginning of the month?