2018 Honda Accord EX-L 2.0T, $374/mo tax-in, $0 Drive off

Scooped this up last night.

** 18 Honda Accord EX-L 2.0 T**

**MSRP: $32,860
**Selling Price: $27,580
**Monthly Payment: $374 tax included (FL, 7.5%)
**Cash Due at Signing: $0 out of pocket. All fees rolled
**Incentives: $1500 flex cash

**Annual Mileage:15k

**Region: FL

Even had some accessories on it: Window tint, wheel locks, trunk mat, and 3m on the door creases.

These are my favorites - Honda Accord after the fact.

You should just post in the Trophy Garage. In fact, I feel like we should have a dedicated Honda Accord Trophy Garage.


Sarcasm? Unsure lol

One with navigation would have saved you like $20 a month or so.

Different incentive on that?

Also, remember we have $700+ doc fees here

1% residual loss but an additional $1000 in incentives

Interesting. Oh well. Couldn’t even find one with nav in the color I wanted.

I would say it’s a pretty good deal for the Accord. I leased a 2018 Honda Accord EXL 2.0 w/Navi last month… 36/mo 12k/yr with $1k due at signing payment came out to $330… so effective payment is $357.

hows the 2.0t engine compared to the 1.5t?

Muuuuch better IMO… my wife has the Sport 1.5t and it’s hard to get it to move and I have a lead foot lol

Can you PM me the dealer?

Leased a Honda Accord 1.5 touring with effective payment of $302!

Nice, good job! I’m starting to see more leases coming in the mid to high 200’s… almost feel like I should have waited a little longer