2018 Highlander XLE Lease?

Tentatively agreed on the following deal, thoughts and input appreciated:


Anyone have any insight here, ready to pull the trigger…

Dealer just called back and said he cant give me the MSD’s at a promotional MF rate of .001. Said he could take the MSD’s at a regular MF of .0025. Switching the deal or legit?

Shop the deal and see if any other dealers bite. I have found Schaumburg and Naperville to be the most aggressive in Chicago land. Elgin also isn’t bad.

I think this is a great deal. I can’t get anything less than $400 in NJ.

Good to know, they came back at $378 without the MSD’s. I still think that is a decent offer.

If your in Chicago I would call all the dealers. The competition in our market at Toyota is great and they are pretty much all willing to go deeper to move a unit.

This looks like a great deal. I’m in Chicagoland as well and ready to pull the trigger this weekend. Would you mind sharing which dealership this is? I’m not having much luck with Naperville… To clarify - are you at $378 without any MSDs, ie. about $775 Due At Start?

Also noticed that the MF for your deal is 0.00028 vs. the 0.0028 that I’m getting… error?

Picked up my XLE today, $378, zero down, $711 drive off which included first payment. I spoke to my salesperson Tony, he was not sure he could match the deal for others but would be willing to discuss. The dealership I got the car at was in Fox Lake, Garber Toyota, tell him Chris referred you. No MSD’s, 36months/12K per year. Sold the car for $37,200, sticker was 42.438.


That’s a nice discount on new model year. Congratulations.

Indeed this is a great discount.

Can’t thank you enough. Woke up Saturday planning to pull the trigger at Naperville Toyota, but called Tony at Garber instead. Couldn’t offer a deal as good as yours, but better than anything else I’d seen over the past 6 weeks. HIGHLY recommend Tony @ Garber (847) 497-9094 - Tell him Darren sent you.


Yes, he thanked me for sending you his way. But if anyone contacts Tony, tell him Chris sent you!

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Hi Chris,

Any chance you can share your lease worksheet/ or the initial quote with 378?

Here’s what I closed on yesterday - XLE AWD 8 seater

Highlander XLE AWD
MSRP 42022
Selling price: 37854.79
MF: .001
MSD - 9x Monthl = 3600
Adjusted MF : .00028
Term: 15K .36 Months
Tax: Cook County
I did buy The GAP insurance for 450 and Excess wear for 500 as a result of which I had to put down:
3600 (MSD) + 396.75( 1st month) + 1364.25 ( GAP + Excess wear + signing fees) = 5361

Includes bumper protector, all weather package…etc

I am happy with the deal!!

Great deal, congrats.

How did you all take care of GAP insurance? I couldn’t get it through my insurance provider. is 450 too steep over 3 years?

I leased a Highlander in 2015 in Libertyville and they sold us the GAP for $299.