2018 Highlander XLE - $399 with 0 down. Good deal?

Hi All - I am looking for some feedback on a 2018 Highlander XLE- 399/m with 0 down, tax, fees and first payment included. Lease is 12k/36m - MSRP is $41,704. Think it is a pretty good deal.

What do you guys think? This came about quickly - I was actually looking for a sedan so haven’t done much research for comparable SUVs. Any feedback is appreciated

All is rolled in? Meaning a sign and drive?

What is it that you like about the highlander XLE? Might be able to get $50 less a month with VW Atlas or Kia Sedona.

Yes all rolled in…I should also mention I was working with Leasard on this - huge help. I trust it’s a great deal given the track record. Just need to make sure I have done all my research given I was originally shopping for sedans and this is a higher payment that alot of the sedan deals I was looking at.

Not a bad deal but its hard to tell if you can make it better without knowing more details, like discounts/rebates/MF etc

Leasard always has its first payment rolled in. So it’s essentially a 35 month lease.

Interesting. Any recent deals on the Atlas? I haven’t driven one yet. I have driven a Highlander before - like the size given the 3 rows, and always have liked Toyotas.

Oops, I meant Kia Sorento.

Not bad. My bro-in law paid $420/mo $0 down for the XLE in October and they also paid off 3 remaining payments of his X3. Toyota doesn’t do MSD’s in NY, but they may do it everywhere else - check on that. Could probably get you to $375/mo

Thanks for the info all.