2018 GS350 F Sport Lease feedback

Hey guys, I have learned a lot from this site!

I’m still negotiating with dealers in CA, but this is the deal I have so far:

2018 GS350 F sport 36m/10K
MSRP 56240 discounted to 50200 (10.7%)
RV: 29244.8 (52%)
MF: 0.00008, with 4 MSDs
2k down, + 4 MSDs = 486.54 including tax
4500 rebate, 750 Graduate program
9.9 year Hackr Score

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

What is the 2000 down?

2000 = 486.54 (first payment) + 705.75 (fees and insurance) + 448.65 (upfront taxes) + 459.06 (cap cash reduction)

Should I have him do no money down?

Down payment is not the same as due at signing, but yes, with such a low MF, I’d recommend doing a true $0 sign and drive.

Thanks for fhe feedback. Do you recommend still having the MSDs to the deal?

Yes. Always do MSDs when possible.

This looks like a decent deal considering they lease for $600++ from what I have seen.

I had them do no money down.