2018 GMC Terrain SLE - $200/mo Sign and Drive. April Incentives - AZ

Thanks to the help of this forum, I was able to get this pretty gnarly deal on a 2018 GMC Terrain SLE. I worked the deal out over phone and email with a couple dealers and got it all taken care of in an afternoon. I probably could have pinched a little more, but I’m happy with $200/mo. Includes sales tax of 8.05%. The dealership I purchased from was awesome. I’ve bought a few new cars over the last couple years and this was the easiest yet. They had everything ready and didn’t fudge any numbers or try to pull any sneaky fast ones.

Earnhardt Buick GMC in Mesa. Go get 'em.

2018 GMC Terrain SLE:

MSRP: $29,290
Selling Price: $
Monthly Payment: $200.01
Down Payment: $0
Incentives: $6,550

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10

Zip Code: 85206
Leasehackr Score: ~11.7

Looks amazing for April. What’s the breakdown of the $6,550 in incentives?

Yeah with the 6550 in incentives(probably some flex cash) I think there was still some room to negotiate in this deal.

However, there is value in getting an easy fair deal.

From what I see, there’s an extra $500 in incentives. The remaining conquest, ccr and regional adds to $6050.

I didn’t bother to get a breakdown. I was happy with it and didn’t feel like pinching for another $10 a month. I’m guessing the extra $500 was in flex cash.

It’s more of a LH question to see if everyone is eligible for all of the incentives.

April 2018

Buick and GMC Conquest $2750
GMF Support Lease CCR $2550
Select Market $750

Total $6050.00


Why do manufacturers insist on Conquest incentives?

Is there something about us potential customers who don’t currently have a vehicle that make them less desirable?

They’re more interested in stealing customers from other brands. Honestly, if I was marketing for these companies, I’d probably push the conquest too.

It’s based on the Geico insurance model. New customers get enticing rates to sign them up. Long term loyalists pay the most.

Loyalty is for suckers !

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I hate the concept of conquest, but it was the only reason I picked up the Terrain.

34k MSRP 199 sign and drive lease. O drive off.

I think some dealerships have up to $2k flex cash to work with, so the max incentives would be around $8k

Anyone try to get this deal? In PA

@Hatesneezing, I am currently exchanging emails with a few dealers in NEPA (and I started while March incentives were still around), but so far the lowest I could get was still around $250 for a FWD model. $200 is definitely a kind of a psychological threshold for me - if someone offered it to me for $199/mo, 0 down, all taxes included, I would’ve already been on my way to the dealership lol.

My hypothesis so far (and I might be absolutely wrong as I never even looked into GMC/Buick until the recent Encore thread on Slickdeals!) is that GM is quite strong in this part of PA anyway (at least several of my co-workers and neighbors own new GMC trucks), so they are not too aggressive with incentives like they could’ve been in more urban areas.

Anyway, if you happen to run into something better, would be great if you could share it :slight_smile: I’ll do it too if I manage to find something closer to my target mark