2018 GMC Terrain SLE $149/mo+tax Good or BAD deal?

I asked them to match a deal I found in SoCal and this is what they sent-It would be ok if not for the $2100 DAS-what do you think??? Discount sucks on it. That puts it close to $244/mo
I dont think this is a good deal…is the $977 TAX on the rebates???

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There are $10600 of rebates and incentives. Where I live (SoCal) sales tax must be paid on these. Is the sales tax rate where you live 9.25%. If that’s the case that’s where the $977.32 comes from.

It looks to me like they discounted the vehicle $2555.

The $650 acquisition fee is the same as I paid on my last Buick lease.

In my opinion, they have presented all the charges fairly. Maybe someone else can chime in here

Yep-they calculated the tax at 7.75 (mine is 7.25) Should I aim for a better discount then-that’s less than 8% hahah

I like the look of the Terrain better than Equinox…if Chevygirl still has her 2019’s I might just go that route… $175/10K for LS and $200/10K LT both 24 months…

I would ask them to break out the tax on collected items charge. Ask them what exactly they are taxing and what sales tax rate are they using.

They used 7.75 tax and taxing the $10.600 rebates and $2018.42 cash cap reduction…

@chevysalesgirl will straighten this out in a jiffy…



haha. yeah i mean especially with 2k down. Allllll day. Totally depends on structure/qualified rebates.

Got your own beacon, you just need a cape now! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Haha, they are working on deal #2 now…will see

Alfred made her a mask…


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Think about doing a one pay and waiving the acquisition fee if you can. Should save you a good chunk of change.

Will see, haven’t responded with another offer as promised…I wen’t to another Dealership in OC yesterday that actually advertised the $149+tax $0 Down and when I tried to sign, they said: Oh, the only two we have that are for that price are our Loaner Vehicles (2800 and 3300 miles on them) $167/mo with $480 DAS $10.600 in rebates…ONE PAY was $4099 with these guys :slight_smile:
No disclaimer on their website that it is for a Loaner vehicles-says 10 in stock…
DISCLOSURE: 24 Month Lease, 10,000 miles per year. Must be a current lessee of a 2008 or newer non-GM vehicle. Customer responsible for current lease payments. Payments are for a 2018 GMC Terrain with an MSRP up to $28,895. Monthly payments total $3576. Option to purchase at lease end for an amount to be determined at lease signing. Lessor must approve lease. Take delivery by 10/31/2018. Mileage charge of $0.25 per mile over 20,000 miles. Lessee pays for excess wear. Residency restrictions apply. First payment, tax, title, license, and lender fees extra.

10 in stock almost certainly means they are new and the program applies to any with MSRPs up to $28,895. When a dealer advertises 10 or more, they don’t have to specify the VINs. It sounds like false advertising and bait and switch to me. Do you have a link?

That works out to ~$170 a month all in. That looks like a pretty good deal to me.

It is Simpson Buick in Buena Park, and yes that’s why I didn’t want to deal with them…Bait N Switch

It would’ve been-if it was an UNUSED Terrain, these were Service Loaners-Used vehicles. They advertised nothing about Loaners FYI and said the others they have are gonna be more money…I get that, but they had a couple that were within $200 MSRP close to the advertised price , but said those were the ONLY TWO at this price…

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