2018 GMC TERRAIN LEASE $159/mo + $1499 down (PA ONLY)


Hey all–

Looking to end my lease early as it no longer fits my needs (need more than 5 seats)! I have a 2018 GMC Terrain with approx. 15 months left on the lease and 14,100 miles on the odometer.

  • 2018 GMC Terrain SLE FWD
  • Summit White exterior/Jet Black interior
  • Lease ends July 1, 2020
  • Payment is $159/month
  • 15,000 mi/yr
  • 16,900 miles remaining on lease (14,100/30,000 miles)
  • Located in Southeastern PA, about 40 minutes West of Philly

Lease includes GM’s ‘Damage Allowance’ Package, which allows up to $5,000 of damage charges to be waived at the end of the lease. Applicant must reside in PA and have good credit to pass the GM Financial evaluation. I did put $2900 down on this lease, and am looking for some of this from the person who assumes the lease, somewhere around $1500. Please message me if you are interested and leave questions below.


Great price but what does “some of $2,900” mean? Decide on a fair amount and include it in your title.

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I’ve added that in. Thanks!


Just wanted to boost this! Still available and NEGOTIABLE!


FYI, you must have good credit and a decent income for GM Financial approval


Try swapalease or Craigslist or Facebook. This thing will be gone in a day. I see much higher payment Terrain SLE’s scooped up really quickly in MI.

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I need someone with good credit/income and swap a lease does a poor job of vetting people.

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that’s their problem, no skin off your back…state the credit and GMF requirements and let them do hard credit pulls if they want.


My issue is that I’m getting dangerously close to the 12-month cutoff where GM Financial will no longer allow a transfer.


You could explain this and ask ppl for a screen shot of their FICO score, it wouldn’t be too much to ask if I was wanting to get a transfer. It’s a really good deal. Someone’s gotta jump on it, id reach as big of a market as possible.

FWIW, plenty of subprime people reading this forum :rofl:

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Thanks for the tip. I’ve been texting people all day and everyone is either no longer looking or not in PA, despite what the listing says. I’ll give it another 2 days and then I guess I’ll have to make some changes to it.


I thought it was within the first 6 months or last 6 months it wasn’t allowed? Might want to double check with GMF.


First sixth months and last 12 months transfers are not permitted


Ouch… You get squeezed on a 24 month lease with transfers, that’s for sure. Regardless that’s a great payment and it should move. I wonder if OP has checked with the usual services to see if someone will buy it out and cover their payoff if they can’t make a transfer work in time. Sounds like they got a good discount and there were a good deal of rebates to make a payment like that happen, even with the DAS.


What do you mean by usual services? SwapaLease has only sent me people outside of PA or with subprime credit.


I’m wondering if Vroom, Carvana, Etc might be able to get you out of it without having to transfer it. I don’t know your dealer payoff, zip code, VIN or other specifics, but Carvana for example offered me $17,240 for a 2018 Black FWD Terrain with 14,100 miles in the Doylestown PA zip code I used as a test run. Just a thought, might be an alternative if you can’t get someone appropriate to transfer it in time.

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Thanks for the tip! I think my dealer payoff is pretty high because of the low cost of the lease but I’ll reach out to GMF tomorrow.


Low lease payment isn’t always because of high residual. There is also could be high discount combined with high rebates.
My brothers S60 had 43% RV with 36/15 lease. Yet have 20% off and another $9k rebate. So still had relative low payment.
So check RV for sure and see if it’s lower than buyout offers are. GM isn’t really known for stellar RVs:)

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My residual is $20,700, so it looks like it’s a no-go from that perspective


That’s the residual, or the dealer payoff quote? And what did you get offered for your VIN? It’s worth a shot checking it all out, but there’s gotta be someone out there willing to do the transfer given the current prices on these.