2018 GMC Acadia Denali

Was having trouble hacking this car, finally found a dealership with an executive (loaner model, 1k miles). Let me know your thoughts.

MSRP: $48,390
Selling Price: $42,825
MF: .00119 (said no MSD available)
36 month, 10k miles
sign and drive: $458 plus tax
$1000 down (first, tax, title): $429 plus tax

Looks like a small markup on MF, I believe buy rate should be .00117. Do you know the RV %?

I think there’s plenty of room to move still. Ask them how they arrive at that selling price, how much is dealer discount vs. factory rebates and incentives? Right now, I would try to focus on dealer discount off of MSRP.

Ask for a tagged car. I pay way less for that for the same car. (They potentially don’t do tags anymore)