2018 GLE Offer in TX - good deal or not?


So, I’ve been out most of the week and seems my wife did some further back and forth on the deal I posted. They came down a little to $675, 36/10K with $1500 down. He says they don’t offer tax credits on pre-owned vehicles so I believe this number includes tax. Wife is asking about MSDs (sales guys claimed he didn’t know what that was) but don’t see a reason this couldn’t apply here further reducing the payment.

If the monthly payment still doesn’t end up where we want it (lower $600s) are there other incentives that could be asked for like maintenance package, etc?


Yeah MSDs will help. Did you look at any other loaners they had in stock as they had some with lower mileage. They may actually be cheaper as the residual could be higher.

If they add-in free servicing that will save you money as otherwise you have to pay for every service beyond the first. Likelihood is they’ll just try to sell you the wheel and tire warranty with a bit of discount on it.


I was not working with the Grapevine dealer but am looking into those options now. Was still negotiating with the currently dealer so we’ll see what they come back with.


Got another offer from a different dealer: 36/10K, similar miles (8600), but a better monthly payment ($664). Numbers are:
MSRP: $58640 (same as above)
Sales price: $49900
Fees (dealer/govt): $461
Dealer sales MF is .00018
Due at signing: $1100 (first mths payment plus fees)

Havent really started negotiating this one but will ask for a discounted sale price like I got on the initial deal.

Also, in the leasehackr calculator I think I use ‘Tax is levied upfront on the sales price (e.g. VA, GA).’ option for Texas but seems like they roll the tax into the payment and want us to pay the first months payment and fees upfront. What is the right way to configure?


Do some research on Texas sales tax credits.


Great. Any good resources you can point me to or personal tips you have experienced in this regard? Only thing I’ve seen is timing when there are sales tax credit timeframes, which can be difficult if you are depending on when you are looking.


Not sure what to add to this that I haven’t already written. Did you try looking for loaners with lower miles and see if they would do a similar or better deal? There are a few with ~2k miles within Texas.

Have you checked the numbers on a non-loaner model? If there’s incentives (which you won’t get on a higher mileage loaner), tax credits, and a healthy discount it might well be the same cost or perhaps even lower.