2018 GLE 350 lease offer

I’m looking for a deal here. I think this is horrible compared to what I’ve found in the forums. This is for North jersey

2018 GLE 4mtic (36 months)
Msrp: 63,915
Selling: 59,000 (8% off)
MF is .00035
Residual 50%
Drive off: 0
Monthly: 871.61 with tax
See picture.

Run away as fast as you can… tuuuuurrrrrrrribble deal


I agree most deals are around 600-700 a month. I asked for a better deal. I’m sure they will have some killer sale by October because the 2019 is coming out i hear.

if you use MSDs and get a good discount, you should be no more than 600 on this car

Definitely not a good deal, but 600 on a new car isn’t doable (loaner yes). MF is so low it will only take a couple msds and of course, you can’t do anything with the residual

Wonder what would be the range of monthly payment for GLC300 4mtic or X3 xDrive30i loaner in NYC area?

What % off MSRP is solid deal for new GLE? For Demo/Loaner? Someone in another thread mentioned 20% for demo/loaner; is that correct?

The MF on Loaner is .00046
How many MSDs could be given at that rate? Dealer is saying none; I thought it could take a few though?