2018 gla 250 fwd

Just beginning talk with a dealer on a 2018 Mercedes Benz GLA 250. Just starting to negotiate sales price. His statement was that Mercedes-Benz dealers only mark up their vehicles 6% and can’t go any lower than that. MSRP 39410 and he offered 37900

Also, does Mercedes do factory incentives or just dealer level? Does anyone know Mercedes buy rate on leases or what the rv is on a FWD model?

They do factory incentives. Also they will go below Invoice depending on the car. 6% is approx invoice on a Merc so doe believe all he says.
Look at MSD’s and Autopay to reduce your money factor and thus your payment.

I had a feeling 6% was invoice and they definitely COULD go lower.

Does anyone know current Mercedes factory incentives on GLA’s?

Check out edmunds.com