2018 Giulia Lease Offers? Numbers I got yesterday looked very high

I’m in the market for a 2018 Giulia in SoCal. I recently visited an Alfa dealer and was quoted a really high price - much higher than what I’ve seen around the forums. I didn’t try to negotiate.

Model: Giulia TI Sport RWD
MSRP: $45,500
Customer Discount: $3,500 (8% off MSRP)
Rebate: $2,750

24 Mo / 10k ($2000 DAS): $600 (includes CA sales tax)
36 Mo / 10k ($2000 DAS): $541 (includes CA sales tax)

The document they gave me is completely unclear, but it doesn’t look like I got the base MF either.

I’ve learned that best MF, Residual, and Incentive for July (36Mo/10k TI Sport RWD) is .00028, 49%, and $2,750. I’ve seen discounts on these vehicles up to 15-20% off MSRP, and I’ve seen some people in the forums quoting deals <$400 with $0 DAS on similar vehicles. Although the residual value appears to have gone down over the past few months.

My questions are:

  1. Does anyone have any recent lease quotes on the Giulia that would help?
  2. Do you think it’s possible to get a less than $400 payment (w/ tax) on a 36Mo/10k, minimal DAS, $45k MSRP Giulia?
  3. Does anyone have a suggestion on a dealership in SoCal that’s dealing on these?
  4. Does anyone know if they are open to multiple security deposits (MSD)?

I’m going to cast a wide net soon and will report back if I learn anything worthwhile.


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