2018 Ford F-150 XL STX


Hey y’all - first big thanks to everyone on this forum, I’ve learned a lot by reading along the last few months. I’m trying to work a deal to get a 2018 F-150 SCrew + 4x4 (1st choice) or a 2018 Silverado Crew 4x4 (backup). This will be my first time leasing or potentially buying a new vehicle.

I thought I was going to have to get an F-150 XLT in order to hit my preferred specs: Technology with Apple Play, Center Console rather than the middle front seat but I found a dealer who has some XLs that fit the bill.

The best price he will give me is $33,100, which is advertised to everyone. He claims this includes all rebates and he can’t go down at all… it is the lowest advertised price within 1000 miles but I find it hard to believe he can’t give ANYTHING… Vehicle Sticker is $44,175. (Add $500 if I pay cash)

I asked about lease #s and here’s what he offered:

"$0 down – only first payment due at signing (tax/lic/title included in lease)

24/12k – 1.1% - 61% - $405 per month

24/15k – 1.1% - 59% - $446 per month

36/12k – 2.2% - 56% - $379 per month

36/15k – 2.2% - 54% - $405 per month

39/15k – 2.45% - 52% - $410 per month"

One of my problems is that I don’t have a great gauge of how many miles I’ll need (it’s unpredictable where work projects take me but 15k is about what I have been averaging the last couple years)

Now I need help. I have no clue what to ask or where to go from here. I don’t really have any preference between buying or leasing but would probably lease all things being equal.

Help me out guys. What info do we I need to be more informed here and please let me know if you see any obvious issues.


Here’s the current breakdown for the STX at 36months/12,000 miles:

MSRP: 44,175
Sales Price: $41,212
Ford Incentives: -$8050
Ford PCO: -$750
Doc Fee: $176
EVR: $25
Title: $95
License: $101
Acquisition Fee: $645
Tax: $1228

RV: 56%
APR: 2.2%
Total Lease Cost with only 1st month DAS = $358

Alternative is a purchase price of $32,412 ($2000 more rebates than lease)

Help me out folks. Is this a good deal? Do the terms heavily favor leasing vs buying here??

I know this is an old thread, but what dealership did you get that deal from? Do you have the name of the sales rep? :smiley: That is an amazing deal. Did you have the A or X plan? I’m from Indiana and have tried asking for a lease after max rebates. They seem to give me the run around. I told them the deals you posted, and they don’t believe me. Haha. Thanks in advance.