2018 Ford Expedition Platinum 4WD - $849/mo 15k miles per year; 20-mo remain (Red/Beige) - Updated photos! Int/ext


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum
Location: Schenectady, NY

MSRP: 78,580
Monthly payment (all-in): 849*
*Includes oil changes if local

Current mileage: 13,379
Maturity mileage: 45,000
Effective miles per month:
Maturity date: 4/6/2022

Financial institution: Ford Credit
Transfer fee: $75
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Not sure yet

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: rear bucket seats

Photos: will update posting

Love the vehicle, but looking at downsizing as I join a startup venture and trying to hedge my financial risks. Update: I took that startup gig so eager to move this Expedition. :slight_smile:

Does this have 2nd row captains chairs?

Edit: just read it does. Can you send some pics of interior im very interested

Will also add interior photos here; likely tonight

Updated photos including interior

Updating that now there are 25 payments remaining and miles = 13,940.

+1 for Schenectady…the electric city!


You’ll appreciate this… the startup I’m going to (reason I’m downsizing), has an office that overlooks…Union college/practice field.

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No kidding!?

So not the fraternity house that overlooks the field :slight_smile:

Checked out the office last week – I walk in, look out the window, see that Nott building in the background and a big U on a turf practice field (seems new/multipurpose) – being an RPI grad you can imagine my initial disgust, but it will have to do! All kidding aside, really a beautiful view of the campus.

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Oh man if I knew you were an engineer I wouldn’t have replied haha (Kidding of course)

Best of luck with the new role!

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Oil change & multipoint inspection with clean bill of health today!

Bumping in case anyone needs an awesome huge Expedition :slight_smile:. I only have 2 kids so maybe it was overkill?..

Still available ?

Yes, still available

Expedition is still available (and not gaining much mileage - just weekly trips to the grocery store). Stay healthy and safe everybody.

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If you need a 3rd row SUV with lots of miles left in lease, look no further – I might be working remotely for forever haha…

Located in upstate NY.

Hi all - still available. I’m now way under miles due to COVID-19. If you’d like a fully loaded (Platinum) expedition w/ beige interior, hit me up. 21 payments left (20 after July 4th). Current mileage is 15,414 and there are 31,260 miles remaining on the lease.

You should post this on swapalease. Doubt you’ll have a buyer here. I traded my car there in less than a week after it sat here a month. Well worth the $200.


And makes sure to call Swapalease and tell them the $200 fee is too much. They’ll drop it to $100 or $130 or something.