2018 Fiat 500e are finally available

For the last few months, there haven’t been any Fiat 500e cars available. From what I understand, Fiat delayed the 2018 500 models (both the gas and EV cars) to clear out excess 2017 inventory.

Well now the 2018 500e are starting to arrive at dealers. Anyone know the current programs? I’m moving to the Bay Area and am hoping to lease one in the next few months.

Also, does anyone know if Fiat Chrysler’s emissions credits earned from selling 500e cars are earned based on calendar year sales or some other measure? I’m wondering if because FCA missed the last few months of selling 500e cars, they may need to offer even better lease deals in the near future to catch up on those months of no sales volume in order to earn the requisite number of credits from the state of California.

And now that 2018 models are becoming available, that should place some downward pressure on used 500e values for anyone looking to purchase used. If I can’t put together the right lease deal, I’ll buy a 2015 outright.

on their official website… I still only see 2017 model. Where did you see the 2018 model?

They’re arriving at dealers now. Example: https://www.drivecj.com/new/FIAT/2018-FIAT-500e-Bakersfield-b6db2a130a0e0ae83aee641005f215fb.htm

That one is even in Pompei Silver, a new color for 2018 that is not shown on the 2017 configurator.

oh wow! I thought they discontinued it. I wonder what’s changed, compared to 2017.

My understanding is that the 500e just has a few different paint colors, no substantive changes. But we’ll know for certain soon.

ya I can’t wait! I had a 2015 model for 2 years and it was a great little car! just wish it has DC fast charging.

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I’m surprised they didn’t kill it. Guess they have to have a compliance car in California.

I haven’t driven one but I sat in one and for the driver and passenger it isn’t too bad. I could see it being a cheap commuter car for some folks. I also like the retro look and if I had one I’d get those retro hubcaps for it.

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It’s extremely better than petrol version of 500(except for Abarth). It’s much smoother, lot more powerful… If you have a chance, give it a go! Super fun to drive not because it’s th fastest or coolest, but the cutest! The down side are the range, crash test result, and charging speed, other than that it’s perfect little joyful ride!

Any lease quotes and will the be as good as prior years? My dealer texted me yesterday that they have not received any yet.

I’m really excited about this, said nobody ever.


I’ve heard nothing yet. Because FCA only has from July to December to earn a year’s worth of zero emissions credits, I’m hopeful the deals will be especially good to move these cars off the lot. With the Bolt and new Leaf, Fiat also faces stronger competition than ever.

That said, I drove the new Leaf and wasn’t impressed. I’ll take a 500e any day. The Bolt is excellent though.

If you live in an urban area, having a cheap EV runabout is awesome — no gas expenses, it’s easy to park, and the responsiveness is great for city driving. I’m excited. My fun manual gasoline car will be reserved for the weekends now.

Not to mention not adding emissions to already congested areas and helping America transition to cleaner energy sources.

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Definitely a compliance car at the core – but also a good deal on the used car market. When 500e lease turn ins were more plentiful last year a dealership could purchase a low-mile off lease 500e for $4000 to $5500… Fiat’s loss is everyone else’s gain when it comes to the heavily subsidized leases and the poor resale value when the lease is up.

“My fun manual gasoline car will be reserved for the weekends now.” I think that sums up this car

Available incentives:
$7,250 Fiat California 2018 Retail Bonus Cash (expires July 5)
$1,000 Lease Conquest Bonus Cash
$500 Lease Loyalty Bonus Cash

Do we have any salespeople on the forum who sell Fiat?

I called couple dealerships, for example… Berkeley Mckevitt sold them before they arrived at the dealership… they are selling them at sticker price… people are putting deposit on them to get one. (Quote for 36/10: DAS:$3000, 300 monthly…)

I guess those $100 a month deals that we had 3~4 years ago are gone…

This dealer has quite a few

Orange Coast Fiat is now advertising $159 per month, not sure how much down they’re requesting for that number. Anyone have the RV and MF on the 2018s?

Fine print on their ad says 10% down to get that payment.

I wish there were more 80-150 mile range cars so we could get better price. (With 4 doors).