2018 F-type Lease still hopeful. Please Help!

Loaner F-type. Numbers are below. I cannot get the dealer to lower the MF? Any suggestions? Should I finance and possibly sell in 2-3 years for cost?

MSRP: 100k
Sell price: 66,000
Term: 39mo/10k
Monthly: 957.45
RV: 44%
MF: .00299%
DAS: 4,400 (NY tax, first month, dealer fees)

I believe the base MF is .00238… Even if I can get that, I wanted to be about $700/mo after taxes. Dealer would need to lower price 8k more… and I cant see that happening. They are gonna run finance numbers for me.

Any thoughts on what I should do? Thanks in advance.

I highly doubt they’ll discount it any further. The problem is that awful residual. These won’t be hackable anymore with that kind of RV. MF is bad, too, but that RV is like 10+ points lower than what it was when we all bought into the F-Types.

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yeah… they wont run an Ally Bank lease… only finance. Even though their dealership shows up on Ally website. I think Ally has 48% RV

I thought F-types would hold value 3 years out… crazy to see many 2016 V6S and V8R in mid 40’s high 50’s respectively.

I think they anticipate a ton of lease returns in 2019-2020 since we were basically stealing them off lots in 2017 and 2018, so they are reacting accordingly. Manufacturers do a lot of course correcting – I noticed the same thing with Genesis, where my RV in 2016 was about 57%, but has since dropped to 44%. Hopefully they eventually return to higher residuals, but I highly doubt it’ll circle back for at least another 2-3 years for vehicles like the F-Type.

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new selling price is 63.5k, and MF .00269 for $840/mo with same DAS

if these numbers work for anyone let me know. If I cannot get them down 5k more, I will PM dealer info.

MF is also killing you. I would buy the car outright at 63.5k lol especially if it was an R that is a massive discount. is it new or fart car?

Hopefully OP can get a better APR if he buys it outright. 6.5% on a new car is steep