2018 F Pace 25t premium demo


How would you guys rate these numbers?

$57,249 MSRP
$48,234 Selling price
$46,734 Cap Cost after $1500 rebate
.49% Residual %
$27,794.67 Residual value
0.00003 MF

$522.92 1st month payment
$895.00 Acquisition fee
$447.50 Fees & Insurance
$180.50 Up front taxes

= $2,045.92 Total inception fees.

All rolled in seems you’re at 1%, however I’d suggest trying to get more than 15% (before rebate) off a loaner/demo. If you can knock another 2-4% off, I’d say it’d be a solid deal.

That’s what I figured but didn’t know how much I should ask for because of it being a demo. On a side note, I had another dealership respond to one of my inquires and they suggested that it rarely makes sense to simply turn in a lease. That I might have positive equity. I have a 2015 q50 premium with 47k on it. Buyout is about $21k which seems to be the going rate for this car at a certified dealer. Any thoughts?

2015 Q50 is a lease? With 47k miles? How many months was the lease?

Either way, a leased q50 with that many miles will not have positive equity. If you were way under mileage, that’d be a diff story

ya. I got a lease for 20k a year. i’m paying $345/mo for it with nothing down so I know I got a steal for the mileage. I agree though. I seriously doubt there would be any equity. Thanks for the prompt responses.

So my total mileage is 60k which will put me about 11k under the agreed mileage. The lease was for 39 months.My circumstances changed dramatically which explains why im so far under miles.

I would be so bold as to claim your Q50 lease as unicorn status… I can’t imagine the RV on turn in of a 60k mile Q50… That dealer worked hard to get you the car.

get a quote to buy your car from carvana.com or vroom.com and you’ll have your answer

I guarantee you that you’re thousands under with the q50.

I also have 2015 q50 prem. awd with 20k on it (wifes daily) and its thousands under after 33months

I started searching at the end of the month and had two dealers with young sales guys fighting for the business. The dealership I ended up going with gave me the upgraded leather and spare tire. It was luck more than anything else.