2018 Elantra Sport need some help

Just wondering if someone could help me out with an offer I received on a 2018 elantra sport automatic with the premium package because I’m pretty sure its garbage and I don’t know where to negotiate from here.

MSRP- $26208
Initial capitalization cost- $24900
•$595 acquisition fee
•$2000 Hyundai Lease Cash
-400 New Grad Discount
Adjusted capitalization cost- $23095

36 month / 10,000 mile residual- 53%
36 month money factor- 0.00052

36 month / 10,000 miles per year
with $2500 down and fees rolled in they quoted me at 275 per month, If I paid for everything but the acquisition fee up front that brought it down to about 215 but would bring the upfront cost to almost $4200

Where should I go from here?

Do not pay anything upfront. The rest I will leave it up to a more prominent hacker.

Ok I’m not sure how to get into the 1% range with nothing down, I tried to push for more off the MSRP but they would not budge an inch. I had to walk out the first night and wait for call in two days for them to even get to the 24900 number, which is only really 5% off.

contact some other dealers as long as the dealer is in your state.
Meanwhile, look for some 2017 model year.

I am absolutely looking into two other dealers within a half hour the original one, unfortunately it doesn’t look like any of the 17’s are around anymore. When I talk to other dealers should I use the 24900 as a minimum starting price? Sorry if that’s an obvious question but this is my first car buying experience and I’m still learning the ropes.

OK, I saw you read that 159 post Elantra Sport thread. So you know where some people are getting. What area are you in? I just received a quote $270/month 3/18k miles w/ZERO down. That’s for a 2018 manual w/premium package. Mine is higher because of the extra miles. That includes a $500 BoostUP discount. No one that I’ve contacted is taking the $1000 Uber for lease now. Even with the extra miles I think I can do better.

So the range is $175-$225 or so.

I saw on Edmunds forums there are no lease programs for 2017 Elantra Sport models.

I’m in the South jersey area, do you think you were able to get a better deal because of the 6 speed? Should I focus on getting the sale price down? They were honestly offended I wanted them to go lower than 24900 they let me walk out the door without even talking to the finance guy. Am I expecting too much? 175-225 is exactly where I want to be.

I got the below quote from a dealer on a 2018 Elantra Sport Base / Manual Trans

MSRP : $24,135
Invoice price : $23,420
Selling Price : $22,405
MF rate : .00052
Residual amt : $13,032
Miles / yr : 10,000
Months : 36
Acquisition Fee : Money Down - 0
DMV fees : Less than $200 to transfer plates and less than $300 for new plates
Monthly Pmt : $239
Total Due at signing - provide breakdown (1st month, tags, etc)

1st month + tax = $1,033.58

Tax Rate - 7.375

I’m a current Hyundai / Genesis owner and I believe the dealer is holding out on the discounts on the above deal. I’d like to be around 205 / mo.

Can anyone make any suggestions.

If waiting is an option I’d suggest try again at the end of the year for better deals.

Or wait even longer for the '19’s to come out to lease a leftover '18.

I just checked the Hyundai site and after you build a car, you can check payments lease or purchase. Looks like the lease rebate is now $4000 for the Elantra Sport. This should help you lower your cost. That’s the most I’ve ever seen for this car.