2018 E43 21% off, Monthly @ 572


Got one of the last few brand new 2018 E43’s out there! Nothing like the crazy BMW deals going around, but let me know how I did! A Big thank you to the Leasehackr community for all the support. Games were played with fluctuating MF that I wouldn’t have caught if it hadn’t been for you guys. They are throwing in Delivery and Umbrella as well, since the deal couldn’t be finalized while I was there. Car arrives later this week, so I’ll post the dealer photo for now:

(@2pac, I know it’s not a “Real” AMG, but it’s still a huge upgrade from an E300 and more importantly… I like it!)

2018 E 43

MSRP: $80805.00
Selling Price: $63500
Monthly Payment: $572
Cash Due at Signing: $3864 + (6500 MSD)
Incentives: ABA Fleet, Eclass to Eclass (3k total)
*I had 4 months left on my lease, dealer “took care” of 4th month and MB financial took care of remaining 3. Also, my monthly is slightly higher than Leasehackr calc for whatever reason, but I let it slide. *

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00146
Residual: 57%

Region: Northeast
Leasehackr Score:11.4

Calculator Link


Good deal!

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wow, this is an insane deal

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That’s an ny dealer, how did you do msds?


Great job. Enjoy your new car. :bomb:


is e class to e class loyalty?


beautiful car man


Why is an E43 not a “real amg”?


Somehow there is something that is off with this deal


Yeah, based off the pictures posted (here and on the trophy garage) the car is from MB of Goldens Bridge, a NY dealer so no MSD’s…


Remind me…if you’re from NJ but buy in NY, can they apply MSDs or is it a flat 749 is the max no matter where you live if you buy in NY?


Correct, no NY state dealer can apply msds (no matter where you live)

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I’ve been struggling to replicate it. Can anyone confirm if the $$$ for E class owners works on lease and purchase and how much it is?


No, just 1 pay if we’re trying to get MF reduced.


The 63s have handbuilt AMG engines from Germany. The consensus is the 43s are not real AMGs, more like AMG Lite. Still a nice car!


You will definitely struggle to replicate since no NY dealer does msd


He did say car was arriving at a later date so maybe a dealer swap?

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Agreed it would likely have to be a dealer swap to NJ.


No dealer would swap into a 2018


Why not?..