2018 E400 Mercedes Convertible Lease ~10% off

Hi All, it seems there isn’t anyone talking about these convertibles…probably because they are the new major body/tech revision this year, so deals are not of hacker worthiness. But wanted to run this deal by you guys and get thoughts. Other thing I will mention, I was looking for a certain tech package and then color combo of int/ext. Only found 1 in socal in inventory at moment (also looked norcal). So unless I want to stray from the exact combo and just search best deal possible, probably have to roll with whatever I can suck out of this guy.

2018 E400 - p2,amg line,19" wheels
MSRP - $78,065
Negotiated price- $70,499 (9.7% off)

Need to reconfirm other important numbers but should be;
.00069 MF per edmunds
58% RV 3 year / 7500 miles

I come up with a pre tax payment of $780. (this is technically a scosh under 1% pre tax)

I may MSD, if they let me, and that should get me to $702 pre tax.


Learned Autobytel is saying 2.39% for rate vs edmunds forums are saying 1.66%. Now not sure which is the accurate base MF.

Are you sure 2.39% isn’t for finance? I haven’t seen Autobytel give MF before.

Good point, I am not sure. I am reaching out to a few dealers to see if they will clarify the MF/RV.

Jon is correct. Autobytel is finance considering I’ve seen them show the 0% promo APR