2018 E400 4Matic Coupe Lease IN

Hi guys,

Currently working with a local dealer on a E400 Coupe Demo Lease (800miles).

MSRP: $78,920
Sale Price: $67,798
MF: 0.00025 -> 0.00004 with 3 MSDs
RV: 53%
Terms: 7.5k/36mon
Monthly Payment: $800.25 with taxes included
DAS: ~$210 doc fee + $0.25 (1st month payment waived up to $800) + $2400 for the 3 MSDs

Let me know what you guys think about this deal.

That’s a very good deal. In the market for the same car and can’t get anything near that number in NY, NJ area. Best I got for a 74k sticker was in the low 900s with NY tax included.
Good luck.

Thanks, picking it up on Saturday!