2018 E300 loaded 65k msrp .76%! SoCal 2 years left



I have a 2018 E300 36/12 with 26 months left and 1k per month miles left. 65k msrp. 6k in msd and $495 a month including tax. I’ve sold dozens of deals here but this is my personal car.

2018 MB E300. Black/white. P2 no dual screen, sports, amg 19, pano, cold weather package(amazing btw)
**MSRP: $65k
**Monthly Payment: $495
**Drive-Off Amount: $0, just $6k MSD
**Annual Mileage:12k
**Leasehackr Score:about 12 Years

New leasee pays for $695 transfer fee

Love the car but looking to get something smaller. This was the best deal for an e300 I could find in CA after searching for 2 months. Pm me with questions. Payment is 475 including tax but extra $20 is to cover my transport fee of $500


I’m not in the market for a Mercedes but that is one sweet deal!!


Very interested. I PM’ed you


Does it have the self-driving features? Not sure if that’s included in P2.


No it does not


Are you looking to recover the $6k in MSDs?


yes, obviously…


Hey man, drive off says $0, could mean anything.


i understand, i will update post so there is no confusion.

what a steal at 6k off though lol


Lol my thoughts exactly! Still an amazing deal with MSDs, but that would be on gold-plated unicorn level.


Can you please post photos? Also can you please articulate what is included in the P2 package?


Like window sticker…



who’s in the market for an incredible deal on a loaded E?!

I should clarify it’s $476 a month with tax. The extra $19 is to Cover transport fee that was tacked on to me which I will negotiate on


Is this 4matic?


No, just as the build sheet shows


PM’d with intent