2018 E300 Lease - Worth pursuing?

Hey guys, got a response from an earlier query on a favorably decked out 2018 E300. I can’t quite seem to get the calculator to work, but I’m sure it’s my own ignorance.

This is the closest I can get:

Do you guys feel like this is worth pursuing? Residual feels too low and discount way too light. I asked him to seperate out dealer discount vs incentives, but I don’t see a single thing about incentives. (I at least qualify for ABA fleet)

For a 2018 I was expecting a much lower payment even with my negative equity of 1920 (which I don’t see clearly listed).

Thoughts? I had initially planned on waiting, but this car seems to have all the options I’m looking for so I thought I might as well give it a fair shake.

Bump… Really interested to hear your takes on these numbers.

thats a lot for a sedan, not sure about the coupe side, seems like your discount is minimal too on a 1 year old model.

New or loaner? If loaner how many miles?

It’s a Sedan

New 2018

The conversation started with discussion on an executive demo of a 2018 E400 but he refused to go south of 900 there. This was his attempt at getting closer to where I was looking payment wise. It feels like a bad deal, but I’m trying to find where it’s especially bad. I’m thinking low discount on an '18 and poor residual, but not sure since it’s new and not a demo.