2018 E 300 | advice appreciated

Hi all,
This is my first lease and i am trying to gets some inputs on the 2018 E 300 numbers. P1 package, luxury styling. Trying to lease for 36/12K miles, RV: 60% NorCal. Monthy comes up to $550. Appreciate input from everyone!!

MSRP: $58,915
Selling price: $51,400
Money factor: 0.00158(APR: 3.79%)
MF after MSD: 0.00088(2.11%)
Acquisition fee: $1095
Reg/License: $586

Mf is marked up base mf for a 2018 is .00138 and for a 4matic .00113 I would honestly would try to find a leftover 2017 as the discount would be higher and the mf is way better .00104 rwd and 4matic .00080
Also fleet on a 2017 is $2500 instead of $2000 on the 18

I tried to lease 2017 E300, only one was left and it was rolled over. They said its not up for lease. Bad luck !!. Yeah MF is little marked up, but hard to negotiate on 2018 E300 and with my little experience.

Look at different dealers even out of your state go to Mercedes.com and cars.com search for new 2017 up to 500 miles away email all the dealers that have a car you like don’t mention fleet until you get a quote that you like let them know that you are serious and you are willing to take delivery right away flights are so cheap these days $100 bucks and a few hour drive will save you thousands in the end

For example… this is just a example use your numbers on your current quote and change the mf to what a 2017 would be and ad $500 more to fleet that all ready brings you down to $494 that’s $56 a month $2000 throughout 36 months not including that you could at least get $1400 more off the selling price if that car was a 17 which would be 15% off msrp bringing your payment down to $451 saving you $3600 throughout the lease term