2018 Dodge Durango SRT

Looks like a 66k msrp going for 750 a month with 2000 drive offs in NY 36/10k. Looks like we might get some hacker deals on these towards end of the year. I know i know it is not 1% but putting some @vhooloo crystal ball out there for low 600s.

Any updates yet about the srt

Still high. End of year maybe when they try to blow them out.

There’s $10,500 lease cash if using ally or us bank.

Edmunds doesn’t have the third party numbers, and my local dealer won’t divulge anything online.

Anyone have an idea of what a lease looks like on the srt? I’m guessing it’s far better than 6 months ago.

Just looking at Honcker prices still high. If there is IDL will probably come with high mf. Maybe a CU offer better rates.

I’m upset bc I will be starting a new job soon and I doubt I will get approved for my first lease with that type of baggage. I will more than likely have to keep my SS a lil while longer

Lease deals still stink as far as I can tell. Best I’ve been quoted for no money down, 36 month, 12k miles is $900 before TTL. 50 residual is what I was quoted the other day but low money factor. Seems I can’t find deep discounts off MSRP… yet.

I test drove one of these this past weekend… it was crazy fun. Really makes me want one, even if it’s a completely absurd decision for a commuter car.

I’ve found a few on CarGurus that are at 18% off MSRP. With RV at 53%, and MF is .00002 for a 36/12, it looks like this could be had for a pretty reasonable price.

I got, what i think is a good deal, on a 48 month lease. 41% , .0018 MF , $752 a month with 2K down… This is a higher end SRT with leather, sunroof, MSRP 70,170

10K miles a year btw

Why would you do 48 months?

36 month option was $880 a month with 2K down, similar MF and residual of 4K more… so I pay 38,096 for a 48 month or 33,680 for 3 year. So in the 4th year I am paying a difference of $368 a month. Totally worth it in my mind even thought the warranty is out. I could be wrong but it seemed to make sense.

Why not just buy it and finance (and sell after 5 years) at that point? It’s a lot per month esp at 10k/yr.

I’d still be inclined to go with the less amount of money for shorter term. There is no way I want to be out of warranty on an SRT that I’m going to beat the piss out of. That 4th year could really bite you in your ass. But enjoy it! My Scat Pack Charger is awesome!

The residual value ended up being 29K after 4 years… So after I ran the numbers i would save 5K by leasing vs financing. Then also I am not screwed if these plummet in value and end up at 22K, i just turn in the keys. But if it comes in at 35K I keep it and sell or trade. Since it is such a new variation of the durango i did not want to risk it. My business is only like 10 miles from my house and my kids school is a mile from there so I only put on like 9K miles a year and that is with a few trips up north to visit family. Plus we have a honda minivan for long trips since we have 3 kiddos. The lease incentive was $10,500 off, that was the big difference. i got another chunk off the price negotiating them down off msrp as though i was going to use a loan first. The loan would have been 1200 or so a month and then its a gamble where the value will be.

Yea I am going to price shop out extending that warranty for sure… I bet that SCAT PACK MOVES! The difference between my charger r/t and this is crazy. I think a lot has to do with the AWD being able to really take advantage of the power off the line, it pulls like a mofo!

I’m guessing you financed through US Bank/Ally for the IDL cash? What was the MF/RV?

How do you find out what incentives Ally has? I’m looking to get into a R/t

I did not see a breakdown of the deal. Can you please post it? So sales price was like low 50s?

I’ve seen several people mention leasing through ally or US Bank. I’ve leased several cars before and it’s usually through the manufacture such as Mercedes or Toyota. Where do you find further info on leasing via ally?