2018 Dodge Challenger SRT 8500 Bonus Cash

Any deals with this so far? Please provide info!

What region is this for?

So you want to be spoonfed a deal? SMH


Looking at NE. Actually Alex I’ve been in contact with a few dealers to try and see if any will honor the bonus cash. Just seeing if anyone else has had success. Thanks for being so nice!

Dont take it for wrong. Reading your post is like a demand, so its not nice either. If you have done some leg work, it would be great if you post them here to provide some flavor on what people are facing out there. This forum is about give and take.

Be in talk with a few dealerships. They are reluctant to match with that bonus cash that I found on Autobyel. I am us trying to see if anyone has had success. I just want to know if it exists or not.

That is an IDL bonus cash so you can get it as long as its a third party lease. What do you mean by match? Like give dealer discount of that size? The rebate you will get no matter what so I am not sure still on your qiestion.

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