2018 CX5 Grand Touring Advice and opinions Please

Good morning all
I would appreciate any feedback and opinions on this lease proposal.
2018 CX5 Grand Touring W/Premium Package
32795.00 Msrp
4.245.00 Discount
Adjusted sales price 28.550.00
36 months
12K mileage
Only first month due at signing 312.00
312.00 a month
I got 2 quotes from this dealer. Progressively they got better. Committed the cardinal sin of visiting the dealer before the deal was finalized. Thought I could hammer it out in person.
1st quote was on a 32215 msrp at 347.93
2nd quote was on a more expensive unit 32795.00 at 319.00
Then at the dealer was able to get down to 312.00 and include mats and tinting.
I did not get the finalized figures in writing though.
There is 360.00 lease cash available on it. My question is…Do they have to show that on deal sheet? or is it possible they lumped it into the discount.
I will post the work sheets. Any advice or opinions on how I can better this deal is welcomed and appreciated.
Thank you


360 or 3,600?

Depending on how it’s structured (e.g. direct to dealer rebate), they don’t necessarily have to show it. It’s lumped into the discount. What’s your % discount from MSRP before this rebate?

It’s actually 360, Mazda incentives are so bad that I had the same reaction as you.

That said, I think this is a great deal on a grand touring trim. If I were OP I would pull the trigger.


Its 360.00 dollars lease cash. There is 1000.00 customer cash this month but cannot be used on a lease.My discount is 13% again not sure if the 360.00 was applied because it is not specifically listed.It took alot of negotiation to get to this but dealer is all done and said price is final. I am considering waiting until months end and end of quarter .Do you think there is any more to squeeze out of this on the last day of the month? From what i have been reading 13% seems to be a good discount on Mazda. I just dont want to leave any money on the table…

You’re getting greedy. If you’re happy with the numbers, take the deal. The car might sell before the end of the month.

I Will take that as a compliment. And it does concern me that it may sell. Its the only one they have and they certainly would not locate another one at that price.The wife would probaly be driving it if it were not for our current car. We have 2 more payments and a disposition fee on our Acura to absorb. Amounts to about 1000.00. Offered to split it with dealer and they let me walk.

Sign it man, you’re talking about Mazda’s best seller. I’m surprised they gave you even that much of a discount.

Thanks for all the opinions guys. Feeling more confident in the deal now. Not exactly trophy garage worthy, but I will report back if we get it done.

I disagree - it’s trophy material to me based on what I’ve seen. I tried shopping extensively for this vehicle, and getting that much of a discount is ludicrous compared to what I was able to negotiate with practically every dealer in the state. If I could get that deal, I’d do it in a second. Take it and run.


Discount is actually 10.5% when you consider the crazy high Florida doc fee (service charge) of $800.

I hear you Tonyg2017…Insane dealers fees are part of life in Fl. I tried to negotiate my best price first knowing that dealer fee would offset my discount.

I would say you did very well on a brand that doesn’t subvent their leases all that much. I think you should pull the trigger and don’t forget to post in the trophy garage thread.

I am going to question them on that 360.00 There is a section for incentives applied on the summary worksheet. It is blank.

Hi Jon
I was surfing back thru the CX5 threads and it appears you received a Chase customer rewards certificate for 500.00. Is it possible you could shed some light or have any idea how I might obtain one?
We are Chase customers. Have been pursuing this for days now and Chase says the dealer provides it.The dealer says Chase sends it to you. Any idea you may have would be welcomed…Thanks

Chase provides it, but I don’t know who/why they send it to whomever they do. I’ve never showed interest in a Mazda, so don’t know why they sent it to me.

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This is actually a really good deal! I was getting an offer of 36/10k for $312/month with like $1500 due at signing so considering you only have 1st months due at signing!

Sounds Awesome didnt get the chase part … could I ask my bank about this

It is a 500.00 incentive for chase bank customers.It is sent out randomly via email to its customers.Every Mazda dealer states that you must get it from Chase. And every Customer service person i have spoke with at chase insists that they dont email them and that your dealer will apply the discount. I even spent an hour in a Chase branch with my banker discussing it.I have finally given up .

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Did you lease this car ?
I am getting cx5 touring for 280 plus tax. 0 down. Not sire if I can pull the trigger or not.

The deal was on the table for the last day of the month and I just was not able to take delivery.(I had travel plans that could not be changed) I have not heard back from the dealer and I have not contacted them either. Trying to decide my next move. May wait for end of month again.