2018 Colorado $101/mo +tax $1900 DAS Orange County

Double Cab WT, Convenience pkg White
VIN: 193046

2018 Chevrolet Colorado WT :
MSRP: $25,815
Monthly Payment: $100.50 + $7.79 (OC Tax) = $108.29
Drive-Off Amount: $1,990
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00239
Residual: 72%
Available Incentives: Non GM nameplate conquest included in this offer.o.a.c.
Leasehackr Score:
Saved Calculator Link:
Location:Orange County CA
Offer expires 04/30/18 or while supply last

Don’t be SHY… All feed back will be taken into consideration.

Adolfo Moreno
Internet Sales Manager

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So about $186/mo. Not bad for a truck though I have nothing to compare it against as I have not looked into the Colorado. The MF looks to be higher on the WT trim.

Please follow Marketplace guidelines and put the drive-off/due at signing amount in the subject title.


weird … last time it automatically was put in the title…

MF is based off 24 month lease not trim. It’s $108.29 with OC tax $1,990 due
$185.61 + $14.38 (OC Tax) = $199.99 mo $0 due at signing with conquest.

The math is not adding up for me. I am guessing the MF cost of not paying the $1900 up front is the difference of $10-$15/mo?

The difference is the cap cost reduction tax. I’m showing Cap reduction @ $4,415 with $1,990 due.

VS $2,43.77 with $0 due… This is the only difference I noticed. So more Cap cost = more taxes

we don’t see a lot of pick up truck leases here, seems like a fairly decent deal. Way under 1%

Hi Adolfo,
How would supplier discount affect your pricing?

I just emailed you. Very interested. Thanks!

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I’m @ $22,617 which is $2,448 back of supplier price of $25,065. Sorry no extra supplier discounts. But my Owner would appreciate your supplier code.

check your inbox. Thank you for reaching out.

Just wondering, why would he appreciate my supplier code if the deal would not use it?

GM Supplier back-end money would get credit back to us later.

So how much would that back end be worth to your owner? :slight_smile:


:joy: $332 lol. Not worth mentioning…

It’s never put in automatically. I probably edited your previous post last time to include it, but I don’t want to update everyone’s post for them.

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Noted. Thanks for the info.