2018 Clarity plug In Lease

Hello group, looking for advice. Shopping for a lease on Honda Clarity Plug-In in NJ.
Unfortunately this car doesn’t qualify for tax free promo.
Here are the numbers we got for 36m with 15k miles per year.
Msrp: $34290
Total discount: $9458 (6500 EV credit +2958 off MSRP)
Tax: $1671
Doc fee: $398
Registration: $411
Tire fee: 7.50
Residual for 15k is $14745
With $3518 down it is 279/mo on 36/15k lease.
Does this make sense? How far is this from the bottom?

Thanks for posting these numbers for the base model, it’s helpful. I’ll be looking to get a Clarity touring in the next 2 weeks.

I don’t know a ton about the current market for the Clarity. If you search the forum you will see some numbers discussed.

I would also suggest looking thru Edmunds forums and any Honda forums for prices paid by others. Remember, the selling price (and any MF markup) are the main places to inflate the lease payment.

Have you considered any of the cars that do qualify for the tax exemption?

Let me know what numbers you see up in your area. We have huge discrepancies from one dealer to another. I got quotes anywhere from $550 for sign and drive to $369. Insane :frowning: I also saw another discount that Honda manufacture is offering on Honda Clarity. It is $5700 lease bonus cash (it was posted on carsdirect). Would be awesome to combine with $7500 icredit.

Unfortunately nobody knows much about Clarity. I guess it is not so popular yet. Lucky to find one car on the lot around here. Maybe more info will come out soon.

There is a long thread on the Insideevs forum with prices paid for Clarity plug ins in various markets. Worth checking out for data. I seem to remember most are purchases so not sure if they include incentives not available on leased examples.

Anyone else with any recent pricing?

Best quote I’ve received thus far is:

MSRP $34290
7.75% tax

$312.59 / month - tax included
$745.54 total drive off.

That price sounds right. I ended up paying $250 monthly with $3750 down - 36m with 15k per year.
By the way, love the car. It drives amazing, great acceleration and very smooth ride.