2018 Civic ex with Honda Sensing Lease

I got the following lease quote for 2018 Civic ex with Honda Sensing from AutoNation(Fremont, California).
MF : 00124
Res% : 56
MSRP : 24275
Selling Price : 19868.96
Down Payment : 3000
Dealer Contribution : 300
Vehicle Cost: 22635.01
Capital Cost: 17983.96
Lease Term: 36
Monthly Payment: 175.60

I have been to multiple dealerships in Bay Area, California and this is the best I have got so far.
Lease calculator shows 8 years. I am not sure if this is a good or bad deal. So, Please let me know if this deal looks fair

Solid deal. I would not recommend putting money down though.

Yeah I am thinking of not putting any down payment(Thanks to this forum, I learnt a lot about leasing).

Is it still a good deal if I end up buying the car after 3 years ?

Seems pretty solid to me. Honda keeps their value very well after many years.

Solid deal, sign it asap!

If you want to buy it, buy it today. Otherwise you’re wasting a lot of money to lease it first (acq fee, higher APR, second reg/title, any forgone retail rebates, etc).

I tried to get the same lease, a different manager was there and said he can’t do the same deal.
New Deal :
MSRP : 23130
Selling Price: 19500
DownPayment : 3000
Monthly : 193 (including tax)

Am not sure if I am getting the calculator right. Can someone help me?