2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L - S Package + Overhead DVD

I’ve been working on a minivan deal for almost a month now. Dealers aren’t touching this one, but it still seems high. We’ve tried the Sienna and the Odyseey and saw deals only as low as $500. Feedback requested and very much appreciated.

I feel like there is little room to move beyond, tints,rubber mats and removing the $150 doc fee. If I’m missing something please share.

Dealer Trade:
MSRP $38,880
Selling Price $36,657
Rebates: $4,500
MF for 1.1% APR
RV 47%
$436.55/ mo.
1st moth DAS

Hackr Score

It would be helpful to hear what others are seeing on minivan leases. Minivans are generally not 10 year + scores so not a real hack, but seems like there is some value is knowing how to get the best bad lease deal.

Let me know please.

Secured the following deal on 12/7/18 in my area:

2018 Touring L with Premium Audio Package/18’s.

Selling price - $33,854.37 (w/tax $35,141.29)
Rebates - $5k

36 months/10k miles
$360.99 per month
DAS - $750 (includes 1st month)

Thanks. That’s good info. Can you share the MSRP please? Should be pretty close to 38k in which case it sound like you have a good deal.

You are correct. I believe MSRP was just over $38k.

Check with @nyclife for a deal on Pacifica - he’s been great to deal.

I started with Pacifica Touring L as well but we want to eventually consider keeping the minivan for long so considering going the Odyssey EX-L Route. Hopefully should close it by tomorrow if not tonight

Thanks. I hear good things about him. I think we did ok and had put in the work. Signed at $420/ mo. Same specifics as above plus the extras. Waiting on delivery now.


Can u let me know the dealership and sales person contact info? I would like to get this deal.

Thank you

James - the dealership is Tyson Motors in Shorewood IL (Joliet area).

I worked with the internet sales team and the finance manager. You can find my Yelp review. I reference all the people I worked with.

Good luck shopping!